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BTV Solo Music Production Software Review

BTV Solo Music Production Software Review

BTV Solo Music Production Software Review focuses on a unique software that has over one thousand presets and endless options for making music. There is absolutely no confusion while making use of this software, as it is simple to understand and even simpler to execute.
Within minutes, you can start making beats and begin to get recognized for your passion. You can use this system on both your Mac as well as your Windows systems. This software has been featured on MusicTech,, ComputerMusic, FutureMusic, Grammy and ElectronicMusician amongst many other leading websites and magazines.

BTV Solo Music Production Software Review – What Does it Do for You?

1) CreateSongs – This software allows you to create songs in just five minutes flat. With this aid of this system, you can easily create musical beats by tapping your keyboard buttons. You also have the option of connecting your MIDI keyboard in this set up.
2) HelpsYou Customize  You can make changes to your existing samples, make changes to your existing patterns, edit instruments, make changes to kits and even edit preset effects. You can make use of Aotochop and record keyspans or new samples. Using the drag and drop facility, you can also use editing tools to incorporate brand new tools to enhance your existing beats.
3) RadioReady Songs  This system allows you to arrange songs in a jiffy. Your existing patterns can be arranged into a pattern that permits them to be incorporated into radio stations. You can transfer these songs using the Song Mode sequencer that is linier pattern based. You can also transfer songs via on-the-fly method, wherein you export the verses, choruses and intros without any glitch.
4) Flexible Sharing Options Exporting your beats with the touch of a single button is the need of the hour and this facility is available at BTV Solo Music Production Software. You can make your tracks bounce at 24 bit WAV files or at studio quality 16. Audio editing applications too are easily compatible with this system.
5) 15%Limited Period Discount  This software is available for a meager $37. Nonetheless, there is a limited period 15% flat discount on this package, which in turn ensures that you end up paying just $33.95. You also get a lifetime membership when you order this package.

What Does BTV Solo Music Production Software Contain?

This system contains several options that are considered ideal for serious beat makers. This software has more than 1000 syntheses as well as samples in its kitty. There are over 50 percussion as well as drum kits available in this software.
There are over 50 electronicplayable instruments as well as acoustic kits available here. You can also customize over 50 professionally engineered preset patterns using this software. All this is made available without any royalty fee payment.
Here is what you get –
@ A plugin support that is compatible with VST/AU. This in turn is also upgradable in nature.
@ A sequencer that supports 16 tracks. This sequencer is linier based.
@ A professional audio support representative who shall help you in resolving your queries.
@ Over 60 preset effects that can also be customized. This is via an onboard mixer.
@ Updates to this software are available for your lifetime without any fee attached.
@ Professionally designed sampler editing tools that help improve your beats.
@ Several helpful training video tutorials.
@ Support via MIDI controller.

Who is Beats Kangz Electronics?

Beats Kangs Electronics is an independent beats production organization. It has its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. The main aim of this company is to manufacture musical equipments, including software, to help enhance the music making capacity of serious artists.
In order to encourage creativity and excitement, this company strives to develop suitable musical tools and high end musical techniques.
 The company comprises of leading producers, musicians, songwriters and engineers and they are passionate towards their job. The software as well as hardware developed by these musicians is comparable with the best in the industry. They are also adept in providing round the clock support to resolve any customer queries in a jiffy.
The Support staff is well trained to resolve all your queries pertaining to the usage of this software. You are assigned an individual technician when you seek a resolution to your query from the support staff.
The technical as well as sales support staff is trained in music development software and all of them are SAE graduates. They are also well versed with modern studio best practices and they have the ability to make your musical journey into an enjoyable experience.

What are Users Saying About it?

Most users are very happy with the BTV Solo Music Production Software. What really impresses them is the game changing ability of this system. Users also liked the flexible options that were made available via this software.
Many people have termed this system as an evolution for the music industry. Music makers are also thrilled with the ability of this system to start create musical beats from scratch within minutes. They have also termed this system as a “plug-and-play” mechanism.
Here is why users are impressed with this software-
1) Instantaneous Technical Support You can get instant access to video training sessions from within the application, each time you are stuck. For example, you are in the middle of an application and you wish to make adjustments to the sound parameter.
In such a scenario, you simply need to conduct a live chat with the BKE engineer and get your issue resolved in a jiffy. In fact, users also stated that the engineer also readily answered queries related to the software functionality in a jiffy.
2) 60 DayGuarantee  The second most important reason why people readily accepted this video tutorial and liked it was owing to the very simple fact that you get 60 days to test this software.
If within that period, you are not fully satisfied with the product, you can return it and get a full refund. The BTV software can also be downloaded instantly.
3)Flawless Video Support  Video tutorials are readily available to guide you through tough situations. In case you are stuck while using a particular mechanism of the software, you can easily watch a video tutorial of the same and resolve your query.
4)Ability to Make Instant Purchases  You have an option to purchase sounds from within the software in an instant. Using the BTV application, you can purchase instruments, drum kits and much more. You also get to enjoy the best possible deals on sounds.

What are the System Requirements for using this Software?

For MACUsers  These systems need to be Intel based to run this software. The system need to have a minimum of 1GM Ram or more, 800MB of free space on your hard drive and Operating System 10.6 or more.
For Windows Users  The Windows system needs to support Pentium 4 processor or more, 1 GB random access memory, 900 MB of free space on your drive, Windows 7, 8 or XP and 2GHZ speed or more.

Final Verdict on BTV Solo Music Production Software Review

If you are a keen music maker and you do not wish to spend thousands of dollars on expensive beat making equipment or on expensive training sessions, then the BTV Solo Music ProductionSoftware is meant just for you.


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